People do have a Choice! [ 905 ] 926 - 7775. Safe Oshawa Service.

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  ....This mobile call in site is not associated with the operation know as people's choice arts and entertainment. or any other unregistered designated drivers operation. <[ Designated Drivers Service Company - Drivers Owners Group ]> only supports registered Ontario Master Business licensed services that operate within the Region of Durham. <[ Business Disclaimer ]> The public sector that use a safe ride program service have to try to understand the differences between a unregistered service operation and those that are a ( Ontario registered public transportation service provider business ) that are there operating as a Safe Public transportation service offering the optional service of a <[ Safe Ride Program Service ]>, these service companies offer a service as a safe public service to the public as a safe drivers alternative transportation service that is there to help combat Drinking and Driving and to try to place preventable measures in place for the safety of the public within our communities. Ontario registered service providers are there for the public to use as a optional safe drivers service within our public streets and roadways in the Durham Regional area as a safe ride program drivers service as a alternative to drinking and driving in the province of Ontario. While operating as a recognized Ontario registered business offering a safe public drivers transportation service. They are offering the public sector the choice of a Safe recognized business service as a  Ride Program Service.

   Don't DRINK & DRIVE! ...arrange for a safe ride program driver, a Taxi! a friend or relative, ...use public transit! ...or stay over night? DRINKING & DRIVING can change your Lifestyle! __IMPAIRED DRIVING is a CRIME! __