DD SERVICES - DD2U - Designated Drivers Service Company founded in 2008. A Ontario registered business that has been trademarked in Canada since 2010. As a professional Safe Ride Program service, registered as a public service with the business activity listed as a designated driver service provider, an Ontario registered business serving the public since 2010. It is a safe public service transportation service that is another option to impaired driving in the province of Ontario. DD2U is the people's first choice that people have used for years as an alternative to drinking and driving in the Durham Regional area since 2010. DD Service offers to the public safe professional personnel to operate the safe ride program service that the service offers to the public sector as a option to drinking and driving. The people of Durham do have another choice, there are other alternatives to drinking and drinking within the Durham area. DD Services have been the people's choice in an alternative solution  to impaired driving since 2008.   DD Services (TM) 2010.